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Who We Are

Daily Shake offers a unique approach to nutrition by combining meal replacement shakes with beauty supplements and pre and probiotics. By providing a convenient and delicious way to get all the essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, Daily Shake aims to help individuals achieve a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

The incorporation of flavours inspired by different cultures adds an element of adventure and variety to the product. It allows customers to experience the diverse tastes and ingredients from around the world, all in the form of a nutritious shake. Whether it's the rich and indulgent flavours of Paris, the exotic and refreshing taste of Jaipur, or the energising properties of Matcha from Kyoto, Daily Shake offers a range of options to suit different preferences.

By combining nutrition and beauty in one product, Daily Shake offers a holistic approach to wellness. Beauty supplements can help support healthy skin, hair, and nails, while pre and probiotics aid in maintaining a healthy gut microbiome. This comprehensive approach aims to nourish both the body and the soul, making it easier for individuals to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Overall, Daily Shake's mission to make healthy living effortless aligns with the growing trend of individuals seeking convenient and nutritious options for their daily dietary needs. By providing a range of delicious flavours inspired by global cuisine and incorporating beauty supplements, Daily Shake offers a unique and exciting way to fuel the body and promote overall well-being.

Matcha Daily Shake - Premium Meal Replacement Shakes

Why Choose Us

Whether you are busy on the go with running your business, juggling the kids (plus one big kid), your high flying corporate job or all of the above at once. Daily Shake is your go to premium wellness shake.

Our delicious meal replacement shakes are ready to be mixed with cold water and enjoyed on the go.

They're also packed with essential vitamins and minerals so you feel totally satisfied.

Some of our key benefits include...

Zinc: Contributes to the maintenance of hair and nails

Biotin: Contributes to the maintenance of hair

Vitamin C: Contributes to normal collagen formation and the normal function of skin

Pre and Probiotics: for gut health, de-bloating and better digestion.