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Air Fryer Recipe Daily Shake Low Calorie

Air Fryer Recipes: High Protein Bread

Embark on another culinary journey with Daily Shake as we unveil our next healthy recipe gem – High Protein Bread. 

This video shares an easy yet tasty recipe that combines the benefits of low-carb, high-protein bread using the handy air fryer. Get ready to enjoy a flavorful treat that not only tastes great but also gives your body a boost. Just hit play on the video and relish in making a delicious and healthy dish with our High Protein, Low Carb Air Fryer Delight!

Here's what you'll need and its benefits.

Low Carb High Protein Bread 

  • This is low in carbohydrates, which can be beneficial for those managing their carb intake. High in protein, promoting a feeling of fullness and supporting muscle health.

Glass (for creating a groove) 

  • Using the bottom of a glass helps create a perfect groove in the bread, making it aesthetically pleasing and providing a spot for the egg. It's a simple and accessible tool for this recipe.


  • A rich source of high-quality protein, essential amino acids, and various nutrients. Eggs contribute to satiety, helping you feel fuller for longer.

Air Fryer 

  • Cooks food by circulating hot air, requiring minimal to no oil. This method can result in a crispy texture similar to frying but with less added fat, making it a healthier cooking option.

Light Cheese 

  • Adds flavor and a satisfying melt to the bread. Using light cheese reduces overall calorie and fat content while still providing that cheesy goodness.

Any of Your Favorite Condiment 

  • Allows you to personalize your dish according to your taste preferences. Whether it's a low-calorie hot sauce, a healthy spread like avocado, or herbs for added flavor, condiments enhance the overall taste and experience.

Let's go! Grab your apron, dive into your kitchen adventures, and let's cook up a healthier, tastier life together!

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